Anna Tuchman
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Anna Tuchman

Associate Professor of Marketing

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TV Advertising Is Usually Not Worth It

Companies spend vast sums on commercials, but it’s been difficult to gauge their effectiveness. A new study offers a more reliable method—and some bad news for many brands.

Researchers: Bradley Shapiro, Günter Hitsch and Anna Tuchman

March 1, 2021


Do Soda Taxes Work? It’s Complicated.

A look at the Philadelphia soda tax shows that it had some benefits—but it didn’t stop people from buying sugary drinks.

Researchers: Stephan Seiler, Anna Tuchman and Song Yao

July 1, 2019


Why Banning E-cigarette Ads on TV Could Backfire

A new study finds that an increase in e-cigarette ads leads to a decrease in traditional cigarette sales.

Researchers: Anna Tuchman

December 4, 2017