Anna Tuchman
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Anna Tuchman

Associate Professor of Marketing

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Take 5: What Does It Take to Make a Small Business Work?

The challenges are big. So are the opportunities.

Researchers: Gregory Carpenter, Dean Karlan, Jacopo Ponticelli, Anna Tuchman and Nils Wernerfelt

December 21, 2023


As Data Privacy Improves, Small Advertisers Could Get Squeezed

Lauded as a win for consumers, new protections could have unintended consequences. “There’s no privacy ‘free lunch’ here.”

Researchers: Nils Wernerfelt, Anna Tuchman, Bradley Shapiro and Robert Moakler

August 1, 2023


Take 5: Yikes! When Unintended Consequences Strike

Good intentions don’t always mean good results. Here’s why humility, and a lot of monitoring, are so important when making big changes.

Researchers: Sunil Chopra, Jacopo Ponticelli, Anna Tuchman, Erika Deserranno and Jörg L. Spenkuch

May 16, 2023


Why Are Products Marketed to Women Sometimes More Expensive?

A new study upends popular assumptions about the “pink tax.”

Researchers: Sarah Moshary, Anna Tuchman and Natasha Bhatia

April 1, 2023


How Much Do Boycotts Affect a Company’s Bottom Line?

There’s often an opposing camp pushing for a “buycott” to support the company. New research shows which group has more sway.

Researchers: Jura Liaukonyte, Anna Tuchman and Xinrong Zhu

January 1, 2023


5 Things You May Not Know about Tax Policy

How do income taxes impact people’s career choices? And do soda taxes actually work?

Researchers: Charles Nathanson, Anna Tuchman, Filippo Mezzanotti, Therese McGuire and Sergio Rebelo

March 14, 2022


TV Advertising Is Usually Not Worth It

Companies spend vast sums on commercials, but it’s been difficult to gauge their effectiveness. A new study offers a more reliable method—and some bad news for many brands.

Researchers: Bradley Shapiro, Günter Hitsch and Anna Tuchman

March 1, 2021


Do Soda Taxes Work? It’s Complicated.

A look at the Philadelphia soda tax shows that it had some benefits—but it didn’t stop people from buying sugary drinks.

Researchers: Stephan Seiler, Anna Tuchman and Song Yao

July 1, 2019


Why Banning E-cigarette Ads on TV Could Backfire

A new study finds that an increase in e-cigarette ads leads to a decrease in traditional cigarette sales.

Researchers: Anna Tuchman

December 4, 2017