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Election rules affect outcome
Politics & Elections

Take 5: Election Rules and Campaign Tactics That Sway Voters

A look at whether celebrity endorsements matter, why the top spot on a ballot is coveted, and more election research from Kellogg faculty.

Voters who do not trust each other.
Politics & Elections

Why Economic Crises Trigger Political Turnover in Some Countries but Not Others

The fallout can hinge on how much a country’s people trust each other.

Politics & Elections

Why a Choice Doesn’t Feel Like a Choice When Morality Enters the Picture

A new study explains why heroes always say, “I just did what anybody would do.”

Politics & Elections

Why Certain Types of Elections Favor Extreme Candidates

Winners can differ when voting is done by district versus at-large.

Politics & Elections

When Corporations Donate to Candidates, Are They Buying Influence?

The surprising result suggests the need to rethink the role of money in politics.

Politics & Elections

Abandoning the Electoral College Would Remake Campaign Spending

A direct-vote system could have a sizeable impact on the behaviors of voters and candidates.

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Political ads on TV attempt to influence a viewer.
Politics & Elections

To Rally Your Base, Buy Air Time

How political advertising is a zero-sum game.

Politics & Elections

Happy Voters or Happy Outcomes?

In corporations, academia, and the papal conclave, transparent voting and voter privacy interact in surprisingly complex ways.

Politics & Elections

Braggarts Become Leaders

Women at a disadvantage when competing for leadership positions

Politics & Elections

A Populist Paradox

Populist policies may harm voters but reward leaders

Politics & Elections

First Among Equals?

Prime ballot position improves a candidate’s chances of winning office.

Politics & Elections

The Teddy Bear Effect

Does a babyface benefit black CEOs?

Politics & Elections

Majority Rules

Group design influences the information that members share, says David Austen-Smith, who is identifying incentives to speak the truth