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Insight Unpacked

These days, it’s easy to build a brand. So easy, in fact, that the world is full of them. So if you want your brand to stand out, you will need to build an amazing brand. And that’s a lot harder to do.

Welcome to Insight Unpacked, where we delve into a complex business topic and emerge with insights from the esteemed faculty of the Kellogg School. For our first season, we learn all about how to build a new brand (or revive an old one), from naming and logo design to brand storytelling and measuring brand health. We’ll also take you behind the scenes as we build a brand of our own. Visit episode links for supplementary materials.

S1E5 | Is Your Brand Working? 26:44
S1E4 | How Will You Tell Your Brand’s Story? 24:00
S1E3 | What Should Your Brand Look (and Sound and Smell) Like? 21:33

The Insightful Leader

Be a more informed and strategic leader. Listen to our flagship podcast for the latest research and ideas from the faculty of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Learn everything from how to hire and motivate teams to how to tackle long-term challenges like cybersecurity and climate change.

How to Discuss Poor Performance with Your Employee 17:30
How to Tell Compelling Stories with Data Visualizations 13:10
How to Discuss Politics When You Disagree 17:43

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