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Quantifying the value of sustainable practices.
Social Impact

Does It Pay Off to Invest in Companies That Engage in Sustainable Practices?

New research helps to quan­ti­fy the val­ue of ESG” initiatives.

Trying to borrow money from the bank.
Finance & Accounting

Take 5: What’s in Your Investment Portfolio?

Here’s what our fac­ul­ty have to say about assess­ing new stocks, invest­ing in green com­pa­nies — and the ben­e­fits of benign neglect.

Finance & Accounting

Why the Panic of 1907 Led to a Recession

Under­stand­ing this his­to­ry sheds light on the 2008 finan­cial crisis.

Finance & Accounting

Take 5: How Do Households Manage Fluctuating Finances?

Plus, how pol­i­cy­mak­ers can help them man­age better.


New Cryptocurrencies, Same Old Problems

Why we won’t see a Bit­coin takeover any time soon.

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A financier moves a block into a blockchain.
Finance & Accounting

How Blockchain Could Radically Alter Global Finance

The tech­nol­o­gy under­ly­ing cryp­tocur­ren­cies like Bit­coin is already start­ing to make its mark.

a family adds assets to its house

Measuring the Impact of Dodd–Frank on Household Leverage

The regulation’s attempt to pre­vent peo­ple from tak­ing on mort­gages they can’t repay may not work as intended.

How to people respond to sales tax increases?

How Do People Respond to Sales Tax Increases?

New research shows we aren’t as blasé as econ­o­mists thought.

Finance & Accounting

Why Has CEO Pay Grown So Much Faster Than the Average Worker’s?

A key com­po­nent in grow­ing pay dis­par­i­ty is how well exec­u­tives har­ness new technologies.

Finance & Accounting

What Makes Oil Prices So Volatile?

There’s more to the sto­ry than OPEC. Plus, how frack­ing stands to change the market.

Finance & Accounting

Why Do Companies Turn Down Profitable Investments?

Lim­it­ed orga­ni­za­tion­al band­width can restrict man­agers’ options.

Finance & Accounting

The Puzzling Case of Why Syndicated Loans Are Cheaper in June than January

Research shows that inter­est rates are low­er for bor­row­ers who can plan ahead.

Finance & Accounting

Alaskans Get an Annual Check from the State. How Do They Spend It?

The answer depends on a family’s income, but not in the way many econ­o­mists expected.

Finance & Accounting

How the 2013 Government Shutdown Affected Workers’ Household Spending

Even tem­po­rary income dips lead to a sur­pris­ing degree of belt-tightening.

Finance & Accounting

How Risk Aversion Motivates Executives

Incen­tiviz­ing lead­ers with too much stock pro­motes cau­tion — and encour­ages underperformance.

Researchers find that the permanent income hypothesis does not hold up, and a loss of income does affect household spending.
Finance & Accounting

How the 2013 Gov­ern­ment Shut­down Affect­ed Work­ers’ House­hold Spending

Even tem­po­rary income dips lead to a sur­pris­ing degree of belt-tightening.

A CEO's risk aversion encourages underperformance.
Finance & Accounting

How Risk Aver­sion Moti­vates Executives

Incen­tiviz­ing lead­ers with too much stock pro­motes cau­tion — and encour­ages underperformance.

Finance & Accounting

Why Are We So Quick to Bor­row When the Val­ue of Our Home Rises?

The rea­son isn’t as sim­ple as just feel­ing wealthier.

When Com­pa­nies Tweet, Investors Listen

Post­ing neg­a­tive news on cor­po­rate social media might make investors uneasy and lead to bad press.


How Drink­ing Beer Is Sav­ing Russ­ian Lives

Decades lat­er, a Sovi­et pub­lic health ini­tia­tive is still increas­ing male life expectancy.

Social Impact

What Is the Future of Impact Investing?

Peo­ple are revis­it­ing the rela­tion­ship they want their cap­i­tal to have with the world.”


Video: How to Estab­lish Trust in Finan­cial Transactions

Hard sta­tis­tics and an under­stand­ing of cul­ture keep the mon­ey flow­ing between lenders and borrowers.

Financial advisors give financial advice to clients.
Finance & Accounting

What Good Is a Finan­cial Advisor?

They may have your best inter­ests in mind, but that doesn’t mean their advice is sound.


High­er Tax­es Can Make Altru­is­tic Jobs More Attractive

But sub­si­diz­ing these careers may ulti­mate­ly do more good.


Chris­tine Lagarde on Income Inequal­i­ty, Brex­it, and the Pow­er of M&Ms

A Q&A with the IMF managing director and Kellogg’s Sergio Rebelo.

Banks dislike using movable assets as collateral
Finance & Accounting

Beef­ing Up Col­lat­er­al Laws Could Encour­age Banks to Lend

In many emerg­ing economies, busi­ness­es with­out real estate strug­gle to access credit.


Six Tools for Com­mu­ni­cat­ing Com­plex Ideas

Busi­ness lead­ers need to know how to make their infor­ma­tion stick.

Finance & Accounting

Chap­ter 7 vs. Chap­ter 11: Which Bank­rupt­cy Sys­tem Is Better?

In cer­tain mar­kets, forc­ing com­pa­nies to liq­ui­date could cause offices and fac­to­ries to sit empty.

Your Invest­ment Tool Is Fail­ing You

A new tool offers smart investors an improve­ment over the CAPM.

An entrepreneur decides whether to pick an angel investor.

Keep­ing the Angels at Bay

Star­tups should be wary of accept­ing too much mon­ey from angel investors.

Finance & Accounting

Video: How to Play the Lot­tery With­out Losing

Can we fight the pover­ty trap with new sav­ings accounts that offer raf­fle tick­ets instead of interest?

High frequency traders affect the markets in many ways - in most cases, positively.
Finance & Accounting

Do High-Fre­quen­cy Traders Deserve Their Bad Rap?

Though sus­pi­cions abound, HFTs gen­er­al­ly help mar­kets func­tion and grow.

Finance & Accounting

Cred­it Where Cred­it Is Due

New ways of assess­ing cred­it wor­thi­ness could open up access to the glob­al bank­ing system.

Finance & Accounting

Did Irra­tional Exu­ber­ance Cause Vegas’ Hous­ing Bubble?

Why a city sur­round­ed by open land saw prices spike.