Anne T. Coughlan
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Anne T. Coughlan

Emeritus Professor of Marketing

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How to Ensure Your Great New Product Reaches the Right Customers

Don’t neglect distribution-channel strategy: “disaster lurks around the corner if you don’t pay attention.”

Researchers: Anne T. Coughlan

January 6, 2017


When Retail Prices Cross the Line

Manufacturers should be strategic in enforcing minimum advertised price policies.

Researchers: Ayelet Israeli, Eric T. Anderson and Anne T. Coughlan

November 2, 2015


Why You Should Accept Returns

Best handling of merchandise returns may be counterintuitive

Researchers: Jeffrey D. Shulman, Anne T. Coughlan and R. Canan Savaskan-Ebert

July 2, 2012


Paying Sales Professionals

Why compensation plans for sales people vary

Researchers: Dominique Rouziès, Anne T. Coughlan, Erin Anderson and Dawn Iacobucci

July 1, 2010


The Outlet Mall

Dumping ground, cannibal channel, or smart strategy?

Researchers: Anne T. Coughlan and David A. Soberman

August 1, 2008