Zhengyang Jiang
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Zhengyang Jiang

Associate Professor of Finance

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How Your Personality Shapes Your Portfolio

Extroversion. Openness. Neuroticism. It turns out individual traits have a meaningful impact on our investment decisions.

Researchers: Zhengyang Jiang, Cameron Peng and Hongjun Yan

October 1, 2023

Finance & Accounting

A Surprising Reason Why Currency Exchange Rates Fluctuate

New research suggests an answer to a longstanding economic puzzle.

Researchers: Zhengyang Jiang, Arvind Krishnamurthy and Hanno Lustig

November 1, 2021

Finance & Accounting

Should Americans Be Worried about Inflation Right Now?

Three economists with opposing views weigh in.

Researchers: Zhengyang Jiang, Nicolas Crouzet and Efraim Benmelech

August 6, 2021