Benjamin Friedrich
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Benjamin Friedrich

Associate Professor of Strategy

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Is a Four-Day Workweek Right for Your Company?

There’s a reason more and more organizations are considering this option.

Researchers: Benjamin Friedrich

March 24, 2022


COVID Has Accelerated These 4 Labor Market Trends

From greater flexibility to higher wages, the workplace is never going to look the same.

Researchers: Benjamin Friedrich

August 11, 2021


Taking on Debt Can Help a Company Grow—Until a Crisis Hits

A new study shows how highly leveraged companies have less flexibility to innovate in a downturn.

Researchers: Benjamin Friedrich and Michał Zator

What Happens to Patient Care When There Are Not Enough Nurses?

The impact can be significant, especially in nursing homes.

Researchers: Benjamin Friedrich and Martin B. Hackmann

April 4, 2017