Brian Melzer
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Brian Melzer

Member of the Department of Finance faculty until 2018

What Good Is a Financial Advisor?

They may have your best interests in mind, but that doesn’t mean their advice is sound.

Researchers: Stephen Foerster, Juhani T. Linnainmaa, Brian Melzer and Alessandro Previtero

November 2, 2016

Finance & Accounting

The Hidden Benefits of Unemployment Insurance

A pioneering study reveals that the benefits of unemployment insurance include reductions in mortgage defaults and improved access to credit.

Researchers: Joanne W. Hsu, David A. Matsa and Brian Melzer

August 4, 2014


Housing’s Albatross

Negative equity weighs on the market

Researchers: Brian Melzer

August 3, 2012

Finance & Accounting

The Real Costs of Credit Access

Evidence from the payday lending market

Researchers: Brian Melzer

December 23, 2009

Finance & Accounting