Camelia Kuhnen
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Camelia Kuh­nen

Faculty member in the Finance Department until 2013.

How Public Outrage Affects CEO Pay

Com­pen­sa­tion changes but does not always decline

Researchers: Camelia Kuhnen and Alexandra Niessen

February 2, 2012


Hiring and Firing at the Top

Indus­try con­di­tions mat­ter when look­ing to hire or fire a CEO

Researchers: Andrea Eisfeldt and Camelia Kuhnen

September 1, 2011

Finance & Accounting

The Financial Hazards of Aging

Why old­er adults choose riski­er investments

Researchers: Gregory R. Samanez-Larkin, Camelia Kuhnen, Daniel J. Yoo and Brian Knutson

February 1, 2010

Finance & Accounting

Blame It on the Genes!

Finan­cial risk taking

Researchers: Camelia Kuhnen and Joan Chiao

February 10, 2009

Finance & Accounting

Brain Gain

For insight into investor behav­ior, Kel­logg finance pro­fes­sor finds that a jour­ney into the prim­i­tive brain pays dividends

Researchers: Camelia Kuhnen and Brian Knutson

April 21, 2007

Finance & Accounting