Camelia Kuhnen
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Podcast | Insight Unpacked Season 1: Extraordinary Brands and How to Build Them

Camelia Kuhnen

Faculty member in the Finance Department until 2013.

How Public Outrage Affects CEO Pay

Compensation changes but does not always decline

Researchers: Camelia Kuhnen and Alexandra Niessen

February 2, 2012


Hiring and Firing at the Top

Industry conditions matter when looking to hire or fire a CEO

Researchers: Andrea Eisfeldt and Camelia Kuhnen

September 1, 2011

Finance & Accounting

The Financial Hazards of Aging

Why older adults choose riskier investments

Researchers: Gregory R. Samanez-Larkin, Camelia Kuhnen, Daniel J. Yoo and Brian Knutson

February 1, 2010

Finance & Accounting

Blame It on the Genes!

Financial risk taking

Researchers: Camelia Kuhnen and Joan Chiao

February 10, 2009

Finance & Accounting

Brain Gain

For insight into investor behavior, Kellogg finance professor finds that a journey into the primitive brain pays dividends

Researchers: Camelia Kuhnen and Brian Knutson

April 21, 2007

Finance & Accounting