Charleen R. Case
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Charleen R. Case

How to Be a Good Boss: Start by Understanding Why You Want to Lead

Research explores the pros and cons of two dis­tinct lead­er­ship styles.

Researchers: Jon Maner and Charleen R. Case

September 6, 2016


Is It Really Lonely at the Top?

The sur­pris­ing links between feel­ing pow­er­ful and feel­ing connected.

Researchers: Charleen R. Case, Kyle E. Conlon, Jon Maner, Adam Waytz, Eileen Chou, Joe C. Magee and Adam D. Galinsky

April 4, 2016


Why Bad Bosses Sabotage Their Teams

Boss­es who crave pow­er but fear they might lose it can under­mine their teams’ productivity.

Researchers: Jon Maner and Charleen R. Case

January 5, 2015