Chethana Achar
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Chethana Achar

Assistant Professor of Marketing

The Psychological Factor That Helps Shape Our Moral Decision-Making

We all have a preferred motivation style. When that aligns with how we’re approaching a specific goal, it can impact how ethical we are in sticky situations.

Researchers: Chethana Achar and Angela Y. Lee

May 3, 2022


How Social Stigma Can Dissuade Us from Taking Care of Our Health

A new study explores the decisions that go into seeking preventative care.

Researchers: Chethana Achar, Lea Dunn and Nidhi Agrawal

April 1, 2022


How to Craft Public-Health Messages That Work

The key? Understanding how fear and confidence shape healthy choices.

Researchers: Chethana Achar, Nidhi Agrawal and Meng-Hua Hsieh

May 1, 2020