Clare Wang
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Clare Wang

Member of the Department of Accounting Information & Management faculty until 2017

When Companies Tweet, Investors Listen

Posting negative news on corporate social media might make investors uneasy and lead to bad press.

Researchers: Michael J. Jung, James Naughton, Ahmed Tahoun and Clare Wang

January 5, 2017

Can Raising the Capital Gains Tax Rate Ever Attract Investors?

The traditional view that raising rates hurts firms deserves a closer look.

Researchers: Luzi Hail, Stephanie Sikes and Clare Wang

May 5, 2016


Total Compensation

An interview about trends in CEO pay.

Researchers: Anup Srivastava and Clare Wang

May 5, 2014

Will Work for Stock Options

A $1 CEO salary can signal confidence—or danger

Researchers: Sophia J. W. Hamm, Michael J. Jung and Clare Wang

February 3, 2014


Pinpointing the Value in CSR

The unexpected link between CSR spending and financial performance.

Researchers: Thomas Lys, James Naughton and Clare Wang

March 4, 2013

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