Daniel Aobdia
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Daniel Aobdia

Previously a member of the Accounting Department faculty

Audit Regulations Meant to Curb Accounting Scandals Are Working, Mostly

A post-Enron oversight board is a useful example for the regulation of other industries.

Researchers: Daniel Aobdia

February 1, 2018

Companies Want to Hire the Best Employees. Can Changes to the H-1B Visa Program Help?

The current lottery is not optimal for top foreign applicants or the companies that want to hire them.

Researchers: Daniel Aobdia

February 6, 2017


Does the H-1B Visa Program Hurt American Workers?

At least in one industry, these applicants appear to take jobs others do not want.

Researchers: Daniel Aobdia, Anup Srivastava and Erqiu Wang

September 7, 2016


Wear Your Auditor on Your Sleeve

If a top-notch person conducts your audit, it pays to let investors know.

Researchers: Daniel Aobdia, Chan-Jane Lin and Reining Petacchi

April 4, 2016