Daniel Diermeier
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Daniel Diermeier

Faculty member in the Department of Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences until 2014

The Rise of Private Regulation in Global Commerce

Here’s how business leaders can address the resulting risks

Researchers: Daniel Diermeier

February 3, 2014

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The Games Companies and Activists Play

When is corporate activism most effective?

Researchers: Jose Miguel Abito, David A. Besanko and Daniel Diermeier

July 1, 2013

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When and How to Drive Real Value with CSR

Executives can improve their bottom lines by using CSR in targeted circumstances.

Researchers: Daniel Diermeier

March 4, 2013

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Why Are Presidents Less Effective than Prime Ministers?

Using game theory to model political systems leads to surprising insights.

Researchers: Daniel Diermeier, Pohan Fong and Razvan Vlaicu

November 1, 2012


Sight Over Sound

Mode of communication matters in negotiations

Researchers: Roderick Swaab, Adam D. Galinsky, Victoria Medvec and Daniel Diermeier

September 1, 2011

Ballooning Budgets

Why federal budgets grow, but rarely shrink

Researchers: Daniel Diermeier and Pohan Fong

April 6, 2011


All Politics Is Cultural

Cultural not economic vocabularies separate liberals and conservatives

Researchers: Daniel Diermeier, Jean-François Godbout, Bei Yu and Stefan Kaufmann

November 1, 2010


The Sounds of Silence

Consumers cue on corporations’ crisis communications

Researchers: Eric Luis Uhlmann, George E. Newman, Victoria L Brescoll, Adam D. Galinsky and Daniel Diermeier

March 1, 2010

Predicting Politics

Prediction markets out-predict political pollsters

Researchers: Saikat Ray Majumdera, Daniel Diermeier, Thomas A Rietz and Luis A. Nunes Amaral

February 1, 2009


Strategic Activism and Nonmarket Strategy

When firms become the target of activists

Researchers: David P. Baron and Daniel Diermeier

September 1, 2008

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