David A. Besanko
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David A. Besanko

IBM Professor of Regulation & Competitive Practices

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What’s at Stake in the Debt-Ceiling Standoff?

Defaulting would be an unmitigated disaster, quickly felt by ordinary Americans.

Researchers: David A. Besanko

May 22, 2023


Podcast: How Last Fall’s Climate Bill Is Creating Opportunities for Businesses

With major incentives starting to kick in, here’s how the legislation is poised to affect the economy.

Researchers: David A. Besanko

February 8, 2023


What the New Climate Bill Means for the U.S.—and the World

The Inflation Reduction Act won’t reverse inflation or halt climate change, but it’s still a big deal.

Researchers: David A. Besanko

October 13, 2022


Why Spending Big on U.S. Infrastructure Makes Sense

A Kellogg professor explains the new appetite for large public investment—and how the American Jobs Act would deliver.

Researchers: David A. Besanko

May 4, 2021


Robots Are Taking Americans’ Jobs. What Can Be Done?

Four concrete policy proposals to get people back to work.

Researchers: David A. Besanko

October 2, 2017


What Happens to Quality When One Company Builds the Tracks and Another Runs the Trains?

Governments looking to improve their infrastructure will want to know the answer.

Researchers: David A. Besanko and Shana Cui

August 2, 2017


An Illustrated Guide to the Value of an MBA

A professor urges graduates to both celebrate their accomplishments and remember their good fortune.

Researchers: David A. Besanko

June 14, 2016


Can the Private Sector Solve the U.S. Infrastructure Crisis?

Why it may take public-private partnerships to keep our bridges from crumbling.

Researchers: David A. Besanko

January 4, 2016


The Games Companies and Activists Play

When is corporate activism most effective?

Researchers: Jose Miguel Abito, David A. Besanko and Daniel Diermeier

July 1, 2013

Social Impact

Remaining the Market Leader

The role of learning-by-doing and organizational forgetting

Researchers: David A. Besanko, Ulrich Doraszelski, Yaroslav Kryukov and Mark Satterthwaite

June 1, 2011


Reading the Org Chart

What a firm’s structure can tell us

Researchers: David A. Besanko, Pierre Régibeau and Katharine E Rockett

October 1, 2009


Seeing Profit Despite Misunderstood Pricing Strategy

Implications in real-world market situations

Researchers: Nabil Al-Najjar, Sandeep Baliga and David A. Besanko

December 1, 2008


Own-Brand and Cross-Brand Retail Pass-Through

How much of a manufacturer’s promotional pricing gets passed through to the end customers?

Researchers: David A. Besanko, Jean-Pierre Dubé and Sachin Gupta

August 1, 2008


A Borderline Question

The economics of immigration

Researchers: David A. Besanko

April 1, 2008