Dean Karlan
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Dean Karlan

Professor of Economics and Finance, Frederic Esser Nemmers Chair, Co-Director of the Global Poverty Research Lab at Kellogg

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Take 5: What Does It Take to Make a Small Business Work?

The challenges are big. So are the opportunities.

Researchers: Gregory Carpenter, Dean Karlan, Jacopo Ponticelli, Anna Tuchman and Nils Wernerfelt

December 21, 2023


A Novel Strategy for Fighting Discrimination on Online Platforms

Profile pictures build trust on peer-to-peer platforms—but they can also breed discrimination. Small changes to profile photos could make a difference.

Researchers: Susan Athey, Dean Karlan, Emil Palikot and Yuan Yuan

March 1, 2023

Social Impact

For Those Living in Poverty, Therapy Can Have Benefits Beyond Mental Health

A large study suggests that cognitive behavioral therapy can also improve physical health and economic outcomes.

Researchers: Nathan Baker, Bryan T. Gharad, Dean Karlan, Angela L. Ofori-Atta and Christopher Udry

August 1, 2022

Social Impact

Tackling Global Poverty Takes More Than Cash

New research points to the power of including psychosocial interventions—such as group problem-solving—alongside economic ones.

Researchers: Dean Karlan, Christopher Udry and and coauthors

May 1, 2022


Can Larger Loans Help Small Firms Grow?

Sometimes. But it turns out that lenders are bad at figuring out which businesses will benefit.

Researchers: Bryan T. Gharad, Dean Karlan and Adam Osman

December 1, 2021


Measuring COVID’s Devastating Impact on Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Global surveys of more than 30,000 people revealed widespread drops in income, rising food insecurity, and an increase in domestic violence.

Researchers: Dean Karlan, Christopher Udry and and coauthors

July 1, 2021


Why Well-Meaning NGOs Sometimes Do More Harm than Good

Studies of aid groups in Ghana and Uganda show why it’s so important to coordinate with local governments and institutions.

Researchers: Erika Deserranno, Aisha Nansamba, Nancy Qian, Katharine Baldwin, Dean Karlan, Christopher Udry and Ernest Appiah

August 7, 2020

Social Impact

Which Charity Will Do the Most Good with Your Donation? This Simple Tool Can Tell You.

Step one: choose a cause you care about. Step two: find out who’s having the most impact per dollar. Step three: donate with confidence.

Researchers: Dean Karlan

December 2, 2019

Social Impact

What a Difference a Year (with a Consultant) Makes

A study in Mexico finds that consultants can help small- to medium-sized businesses expand.

Researchers: Miriam Bruhn, Dean Karlan and Antoinette Schoar

May 2, 2018