Dennis J. Zhang
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Den­nis J. Zhang

Attention Passengers: Your Next Flight Will Likely Arrive Early. Here’s Why.

The rea­son has less to do with planes and air­port logis­tics than a strate­gic move by airlines.

Researchers: Dennis J. Zhang, Yuval Salant and Jan A. Van Mieghem

November 6, 2018


Want to Improve Your Sales Forecast? Check Your Company’s Facebook Feed.

Social media data can help pre­dict con­sumer demand.

Researchers: Ruomeng Cui, Santiago Gallino, Antonio Moreno-Garcia and Dennis J. Zhang

September 6, 2017


What Makes an Online Flash Sale Successful?

When rat­ings and reviews aren’t enough, show­ing that a deal is pop­u­lar can con­vince oth­ers to buy.

Researchers: Ruomeng Cui, Dennis J. Zhang and Achal Bassamboo

June 6, 2017


A Gentle Nudge Can Increase Participation in MOOCs

Reminders to col­lab­o­rate ben­e­fit stu­dents in mas­sive open online courses.

Researchers: Dennis J. Zhang, Gad Allon and Jan A. Van Mieghem

December 7, 2015