Diane Brink
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Diane Brink

Senior Fellow and Adjunct Professor within the Kellogg Markets & Customers Initiative

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How Marketing Leaders Can Thrive Amidst “Tectonic” Shifts in Expectations

Four experts discuss CMOs’ unique opportunity to drive growth and collaboration across their companies.

Researchers: Gregory Carpenter, Eric Leininger, Diane Brink and Jim Stengel

October 1, 2018


Podcast: How to Be a Great Mentor

Plus, some valuable career advice that applies to just about everyone.

Researchers: Diane Brink and Carter Cast

September 10, 2018


5 Ways to Get the Most Out of a Mentor–Protégé Relationship

Protégés, it’s not just about landing your next job—and mentors, there’s plenty in it for you, too.

Researchers: Diane Brink

August 1, 2018


What It Takes to Transform Your Firm

IBM’s story provides a roadmap for using ambitious goals and constant communication to reinvent a company.

Researchers: Diane Brink

February 7, 2018