Dimitris Papanikolaou
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Dimitris Papanikolaou

John L. and Helen Kellogg Professor of Finance

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Take 5: How Fear Influences Our Decisions

Our anxieties about the future can have surprising implications for our health, our family lives, and our careers.

Researchers: Chethana Achar, David A. Matsa, Derek D. Rucker, Dimitris Papanikolaou, Cynthia S. Wang, Gregory Carpenter and and coauthors

February 23, 2023


Which Workers Suffer Most When New Technology Arrives?

It’s not necessarily who you think.

Researchers: Leonid Kogan, Dimitris Papanikolaou, Lawrence Schmidt and Bryan Seegmiller

December 6, 2022


Take 5: How to Improve the Odds of Breakthrough Innovation

Thorny problems demand novel solutions. Here’s what it takes to move beyond incremental tweaks.

Researchers: Sara Moreira, Dimitris Papanikolaou, Niko Matouschek, Kieu-Trang Nguyen, Dashun Wang, Benjamin F. Jones and and coauthors

August 26, 2022


U.S. Firms Are Investing Heavily in Innovation, Yet Economic Productivity Has Slowed. Why?

The answer may lie in how pharmaceutical companies are targeting their R&D spending.

Researchers: Efraim Benmelech, Janice C. Eberly, Joshua Krieger and Dimitris Papanikolaou

June 1, 2021


Why the Next Round of COVID-19 Aid Should Target Industries That Can’t Work from Home

A new study pinpoints which sectors—and which workers in those sectors—suffered the most. Congress should take note.

Researchers: Dimitris Papanikolaou and Lawrence Schmidt

June 24, 2020


How Much Does Innovation Drive Economic Growth?

A study of millions of patents lifts the veil on how new ideas influence productivity.

Researchers: Bryan Kelly, Dimitris Papanikolaou, Amit Seru and Matt Taddy

March 4, 2019


Everyone Wants Pharmaceutical Breakthroughs. What Drives Drug Companies to Pursue Them?

A new study suggests that firms are at their most innovative after a financial windfall.

Researchers: Joshua Krieger, Danielle Li and Dimitris Papanikolaou

September 6, 2018


Take 5: How to Adapt to Changes in Your Industry

In many businesses, change is the only constant. Are you prepared?

Researchers: Alvaro Sandroni, Maryam Kouchaki, Mark Achler, Thomas O'Toole and Dimitris Papanikolaou

November 10, 2017


Investors’ Fear of Missing Out on Disruptive Technology Leads to Overvalued Stocks

“Think of it like health insurance” for your portfolio.

Researchers: Leonid Kogan, Noah Stoffman and Dimitris Papanikolaou

October 4, 2017

Finance & Accounting

Why Has CEO Pay Grown So Much Faster Than the Average Worker’s?

A key component in growing pay disparity is how well executives harness new technologies.

Researchers: Carola Frydman and Dimitris Papanikolaou

August 3, 2017

Finance & Accounting

The Risk of Risk Avoidance

Firms with high managerial ownership may invest too cautiously

Researchers: Vasia Panousi and Dimitris Papanikolaou

October 1, 2012

Finance & Accounting

Predicting Investment Shock Waves

How technological innovations affect risk premiums

Researchers: Dimitris Papanikolaou

February 2, 2012

Finance & Accounting

Valuing Possibilities

Investment behavior and stock returns may measure growth opportunities

Researchers: Leonid Kogan and Dimitris Papanikolaou

August 1, 2010

Finance & Accounting