Edward J. Zajac
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Edward J. Zajac

James F. Bere Professor of Management & Organizations

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Evolution Has Shaped How We Relate to Our Families. What Does This Mean for Family Businesses?

Gaining a better understanding of family conflict can help both family firms and the larger economy.

Researchers: Krishnan Nair and Edward J. Zajac

November 1, 2021


What Makes a Corporate Board Member Most Influential?

New research explores what it takes for directors to drive big-picture strategic change at a company.

Researchers: Razvan Lungeanu and Edward J. Zajac

August 1, 2019


What Big Pharma Wants in a Partner

For pharmaceutical companies looking to partner with biotech start-ups, scientist reputation and status play an important role

Researchers: Ithai Stern, Janet Dukerich and Edward J. Zajac

September 2, 2013

Dimensions of Diffusion

Company to company, business practices seldom remain the same

Researchers: Shazad Ansari, Peer C. Fiss and Edward J. Zajac

October 1, 2011


(When and How) Do Markets Learn?

The surprising market reactions to ambiguous corporate policies

Researchers: Edward J. Zajac and James D. Westphal

January 3, 2008

Finance & Accounting