Eric Hilt
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Eric Hilt

The Enduring Power of Bond Ratings

In 1909, John Moody handed out his first As, Bs and Cs. The market would never be the same.

Researchers: Asaf Bernstein, Carola Frydman and Eric Hilt

October 1, 2023

Finance & Accounting

Should Antitrust Laws Really Be Changed, or Should We Just Enforce the Laws We Have?

A presidential assassination brought the trust-busting Teddy Roosevelt to power. The episode offers lessons for today’s antitrust regulators.

Researchers: Richard Baker, Carola Frydman and Eric Hilt

July 1, 2019


Why the Panic of 1907 Led to a Recession

Understanding this history sheds light on the 2008 financial crisis.

Researchers: Carola Frydman, Eric Hilt and Lily Y. Zhou