Filippo Mezzanotti
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Filippo Mezzanotti

Associate Professor of Finance

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Who Takes a Risk on New Technology?

In Hollywood, new directors were more likely than veterans to embrace digital cameras—a finding that showcases how individuals’ career concerns shape tech adoption.

Researchers: Grant Goehring, Filippo Mezzanotti and S. Abraham Ravid

Want to Find the Next Big Company? IP Offers a Clue.

A company’s early efforts to protect its intellectual property are a good signal that it intends to grow—one of many lessons from a wide-ranging investigation of U.S. IP practices.

Researchers: Filippo Mezzanotti and Timothy Simcoe

August 3, 2023

Finance & Accounting

What Happens to Innovation During an Economic Crisis?

The Great Depression hastened the end of the independent inventor—but not all was lost.

Researchers: Tania Babina, Asaf Bernstein and Filippo Mezzanotti

September 6, 2022

Finance & Accounting

5 Things You May Not Know about Tax Policy

How do income taxes impact people’s career choices? And do soda taxes actually work?

Researchers: Charles Nathanson, Anna Tuchman, Filippo Mezzanotti, Therese McGuire and Sergio Rebelo

March 14, 2022


Should Local Governments Be Offering Tax Credits to Angel Investors?

New research casts doubt on whether these incentives actually spur innovation and economic growth.

Researchers: Matthew Dennes, Sabrina Howell, Filippo Mezzanotti, XinXin Wang and Ting Xu

December 1, 2020

Finance & Accounting

What the Current Crisis Means for Private Equity

Access to capital will likely buoy some PE firms and the companies they back. Others will be less lucky.

Researchers: Filippo Mezzanotti

April 23, 2020

Finance & Accounting

Take 5: What Previous Recessions Can Teach Us about the Coronavirus Crisis

From stimulus strategies to how businesses will fare, research on past downturns can help inform our outlook today.

Researchers: Ravi Jagannathan, Filippo Mezzanotti, Sara Moreira, Jacopo Ponticelli and Scott R. Baker

March 24, 2020


How a Cash Crunch in India Led to the Widespread Adoption of E-Pay Technology

The rapid spread of a fintech app offers lessons for companies and policymakers.

Researchers: Nicolas Crouzet, Apoorv Gupta and Filippo Mezzanotti

January 2, 2020

Finance & Accounting

Private Equity Helped Firms Weather the Great Recession

A new study shows that debt isn’t always a liability during a financial crisis.

Researchers: Shai Bernstein, Josh Lerner and Filippo Mezzanotti

January 4, 2018

Finance & Accounting