Ike Silver
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Ike Silver

Assistant Professor of Marketing

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Are Whistleblowers Seen as Heroes or Snitches? It Depends.

Reporting workplace misconduct often requires choosing between morality and loyalty. New research explores how that trade-off is viewed by others.

Researchers: Zachariah Berry, Ike Silver and Alex Shaw

February 1, 2024


Take 5: The Psychology of Charitable Giving

What makes us give? Research reveals the surprising factors that shape our generosity.

Researchers: Ike Silver, Maryam Kouchaki, Rima Touré-Tillery and and coauthors

November 22, 2023

Social Impact

Yes, You Should Hit “Share” when You Make a Charitable Donation

Nobody wants to come across as bragging, but when donors stay mum, charities miss out. New research offers a strategy to embolden givers.

Researchers: Ike Silver and Deborah A. Small

June 1, 2023


When Political Discussions Get Heated, Is It Best to Just Stay Out of It?

Keeping your head down when hot-button topics arise could come at a cost to your reputation.

Researchers: Ike Silver and Alex Shaw