James D. Westphal
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James D. Westphal

Flattery's Dark Side

Why you may want to consider how much you compliment

Researchers: Sun Hyun Park, James D. Westphal and Ithai Stern

October 1, 2012


Corporate Sweet Talk

How flattery can earn seats in the boardroom

Researchers: Ithai Stern and James D. Westphal

September 1, 2010


Ingratiating Behavior Provides Alternative Path to the Boardroom

Talent and credentials are not all that matters

Researchers: James D. Westphal and Ithai Stern

April 1, 2008


(When and How) Do Markets Learn?

The surprising market reactions to ambiguous corporate policies

Researchers: Edward J. Zajac and James D. Westphal

January 3, 2008

Finance & Accounting