Jin Li
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Jin Li

Member of the Department of of Strategy faculty until 2017

Take 5: How to Motivate Employees

Research sheds light on which employee incentives work best.

Researchers: Rongzhu Ke, Jin Li, Michael Powell, Daniel Barron, George Georgiadis, Jeroen Swinkels, Todd A. Gormley, David A. Matsa, Julia D. Hur, Loran Nordgren and Erika Deserranno

July 5, 2017


How to Keep Employees Motivated in the Absence of Promotions

Other incentives can keep employees happy in flat organizations.

Researchers: Rongzhu Ke, Jin Li and Michael Powell

March 2, 2015


Managing Trust in the Workplace

The perils of breaking promises to employees

Researchers: Jin Li and Niko Matouschek

October 7, 2013


Going, Going, Wrong

Competition and collusion among auction bidders

Researchers: Jin Li and Charles Plott

July 1, 2010