Jörg L. Spenkuch
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Jörg L. Spenkuch

Associate Professor of Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences

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Take 5: Election Rules and Campaign Tactics That Sway Voters

A look at whether celebri­ty endorse­ments mat­ter, why the top spot on a bal­lot is cov­et­ed, and more elec­tion research from Kel­logg faculty.

Researchers: Craig Garthwaite, Angela Y. Lee, Yuval Salant, Georgy Egorov and Jörg L. Spenkuch

October 30, 2018

Politics & Elections

Supreme Court Justices Become Less Impartial and More Ideological When Casting the Swing Vote

A new study sug­gests that jus­tices may treat cas­es dif­fer­ent­ly when giv­en a chance to shape policy.

Researchers: Tom Clark, B. Pablo Montagnes and Jörg L. Spenkuch

September 13, 2018


Take 5: The Science of Back-to-School Season

Why send­ing your kid to the best” school may back­fire, and oth­er edu­ca­tion research from Kel­logg faculty.

Researchers: Jörg L. Spenkuch, Michal Maimaran, Aparna Labroo, Ping Dong, Nicole Stephens and Nicola Bianchi

August 3, 2018

Social Impact

When Corporations Donate to Candidates, Are They Buying Influence?

The sur­pris­ing result sug­gests the need to rethink the role of mon­ey in politics.

Researchers: Anthony Fowler, Haritz Garro and Jörg L. Spenkuch

September 5, 2017

Politics & Elections

Why Sending Your Kid to the Best Possible School May Backfire

Being sur­round­ed by smarter peers can hurt test scores and incite dis­rup­tive behavior.

Researchers: Steve Cicala, Roland G. Fryer Jr. and Jörg L. Spenkuch

November 2, 2016

To Rally Your Base, Buy Air Time

How polit­i­cal adver­tis­ing is a zero-sum game.

Researchers: Jörg L. Spenkuch and David Toniatti

January 4, 2016

Politics & Elections

Does Immigration Increase Crime?

Nation­wide sta­tis­tics sug­gest no impact on vio­lent crime.

Researchers: Jörg L. Spenkuch

June 2, 2014


Statistics That Hurt

Racial dis­crim­i­na­tion still affects minor­i­ty wages

Researchers: Roland G. Fryer Jr., Devah Pager and Jörg L. Spenkuch

January 8, 2014