Julie Hennessy
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Julie Hennessy

Clinical Professor of Marketing

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Podcast: Is Your Brand Working?

In the fifth and final episode of our series, “Insight Unpacked: Extraordinary Brands and How to Build Them,” we look at how to measure your brand’s health–and what you should do if you don’t like what you learn.

Researchers: Timothy Calkins, Jennifer Cutler, Julie Hennessy and Jim Lecinski

September 12, 2022


Podcast: Introducing Insight Unpacked, Season 1

Extraordinary Brands and How to Build Them

Researchers: Bobby J. Calder, Timothy Calkins, Jennifer Cutler, Paul Earle Jr., Julie Hennessy, Jim Lecinski, Mohanbir S. Sawhney and Alice M. Tybout

August 4, 2022


5 Ways to Know Your Customer Better Than Your Competitors Do

For starters, get out of the office and find your end users.

Researchers: Julie Hennessy and Jim Lecinski

May 1, 2019


Podcast: Does What Candidates Say Matter?

Understanding political rhetoric in this heated presidential race.

Researchers: Nour Kteily, Julie Hennessy and Thomas N. Hubbard

March 28, 2016

Politics & Elections