Megan Kashner
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Megan Kashner

Lecturer in Kellogg’s Social Impact Program, Director of Social Impact

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Podcast: Designing Social Impact Programs That (Really) Work

On this episode of The Insightful Leader: if a business is to survive in the long run, it’s no longer enough to make small changes to address inequality and climate change.

Researchers: Megan Kashner

March 30, 2020

Social Impact

What Your Business Can Do to Help the Community during the Coronavirus Crisis

Want to take action but don’t know how? Answering these three questions can get you started.

Researchers: Megan Kashner

March 21, 2020

Social Impact

Podcast: How You and Your Company Can Lend Expertise to a Nonprofit in Need

Plus: Four questions to consider before becoming a social-impact entrepreneur.

Researchers: Megan Kashner and Kara Palamountain

May 8, 2018

Social Impact

Take 5: How Companies Benefit from Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is in vogue. And it can help a firm’s bottom line.

Researchers: Thomas Lys, James Naughton, Sunil Chopra, Dylan Minor, Alexander Chernev, Shannon Schuyler and Megan Kashner

March 1, 2018

Social Impact

“If You’re Inconsistent, You’re Toast.”

Companies serious about social impact are taking a deliberate stand on issues in line with their core business.

Researchers: Megan Kashner and Shannon Schuyler

May 8, 2017

Social Impact