Moran Cerf
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Moran Cerf

Associate Professor of Marketing

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Monitoring Moviegoers’ Brains Can Predict Box Office Success

For a month, researchers put EEG caps on patrons at a suburban theater. Here is what they found.

Researchers: Samuel B. Barnett and Moran Cerf

August 3, 2017


Can Neuroscience Make Your Message Stickier?

A cutting edge technique pinpoints how our brains react to fear appeals in marketing.

Researchers: Moran Cerf, Eric Greenleaf, Tom Meyvis and Vicki G. Morwitz

July 7, 2016


Can Neuroscience Build a Better Ad?

Brain science has the potential to transform the focus group.

Researchers: Moran Cerf and Sam Barnett

June 2, 2015


Can Your Business Benefit from Neuromarketing?

When a trip inside the brain is worth it.

Researchers: Moran Cerf

November 3, 2014