Nicolas Crouzet
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Nicolas Crouzet

Associate Professor of Finance

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Should Americans Be Worried about Inflation Right Now?

Three economists with opposing views weigh in.

Researchers: Zhengyang Jiang, Nicolas Crouzet and Efraim Benmelech

August 6, 2021


Rules to Limit Short-Term Trading Can Have Unintended Consequences

New research suggests that regulators should instead focus on broader investor access to information.

Researchers: Nicolas Crouzet, Ian Dew-Becker and Charles Nathanson

February 1, 2021

Finance & Accounting

Unpacking the Federal Reserve’s Aggressive Response to COVID-19

A Kellogg professor spent the past year at the Fed. He explains the bank’s “guns-blazing” response—and the limits to these interventions.

Researchers: Nicolas Crouzet

October 19, 2020


How a Cash Crunch in India Led to the Widespread Adoption of E-Pay Technology

The rapid spread of a fintech app offers lessons for companies and policymakers.

Researchers: Nicolas Crouzet, Apoorv Gupta and Filippo Mezzanotti

January 2, 2020

Finance & Accounting

Companies Are Shifting Investment Away from Physical Capital, with Far-Reaching Consequences

Buildings and machinery are out. Software, IP, and research are in. Here’s why it matters.

Researchers: Nicolas Crouzet and Janice C. Eberly

October 4, 2019