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Ravi Dhar

Shh! Don’t Tell the Customers that Their Solar Panels Will Save Them Money

Green marketers should stick to a single message. But which one?

Researchers: Kelly Goldsmith, George E. Newman and Ravi Dhar

May 9, 2016


Cookies, Cocktails, and Charitable Giving

Remind potential donors of the luxuries they could purchase instead—and watch donations rise.

Researchers: Jennifer Savary, Kelly Goldsmith and Ravi Dhar

May 5, 2014


To Motivate, Better to Take Away Than to Give

The right way to frame incentives

Researchers: Kelly Goldsmith and Ravi Dhar

October 7, 2013

That Brand Sells What?

How to take a successful brand into uncharted territory

Researchers: Tom Meyvis, Kelly Goldsmith and Ravi Dhar

March 13, 2013


Goes Together Like Guilt and Pleasure

Guilty pleasures may be the best kind

Researchers: Kelly Goldsmith, Eunice Kim Cho and Ravi Dhar

May 2, 2012