Rima Touré-Tillery
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Rima Touré-Tillery

Associate Professor of Marketing

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Take 5: The Psychology of Charitable Giving

What makes us give? Research reveals the surprising factors that shape our generosity.

Researchers: Ike Silver, Maryam Kouchaki, Rima Touré-Tillery and and coauthors

November 22, 2023

Social Impact

How Humanizing Disease Could Be a New Public Health Tool

Anthropomorphizing a disease changes how we feel about it—and the steps we take to avoid it.

Researchers: Lili Wang, Rima Touré-Tillery and Ann L. McGill

September 1, 2022


We React Differently to Paper vs. Digital Requests

Our willingness to act virtuously changes depending on how we’re asked.

Researchers: Rima Touré-Tillery and Lili Wang

March 8, 2022


Podcast: Sure, Take That Zoom Call in Your Sweatpants. It Might Make You a Better Person.

When we stop compartmentalizing our home and work selves, we tend to act more ethically. Find out why on this episode of The Insightful Leader.

Researchers: Rima Touré-Tillery

April 15, 2020


Take 5: What Business Leaders Can Learn from the World of Sports

Specialists and scrappy underdogs can be just as indispensable in the office as they are on the playing field.

Researchers: Brayden King, Rima Touré-Tillery, Brian Uzzi, Noshir Contractor, J. Keith Murnighan and Daryl Morey

March 2, 2020


Take 5: How to Start Off Strong

Tips for plotting your first move, whether you’re negotiating a deal, paying off debt, or starting your workday.

Researchers: Carter Cast, Blakeley B. McShane, Thomas Lys, Leigh Thompson and Rima Touré-Tillery

January 3, 2020


First Impressions Matter for Groups, Too

Labeling something or someone as “first” can have a dramatic effect on our perceptions of those who follow.

Researchers: Janina Steinmetz, Rima Touré-Tillery and Ayelet Fishbach

September 10, 2019


Take 5: The Psychology of Healthy Eating

Opting for a salad instead of a steak can be hard. Research from Kellogg can help.

Researchers: Alexander Chernev, Rima Touré-Tillery, Michal Maimaran, Yuval Salant, David A. Matsa and Nancy Qian

June 4, 2019


Are You a Different Person at Work Than at Home? Compartmentalizing Like This Can Lead to Unethical Decisions.

New research examines how self-perception affects moral behavior.

Researchers: Rima Touré-Tillery and Alysson E. Light

October 4, 2018


Take 5: How Humans Benefit as Machines Get Smarter

Kellogg faculty explain how human–machine partnerships can improve everything from your commute to your self-esteem.

Researchers: Brenna Argall, David Ferrucci, Eli J. Finkel, Todd Murphey, Rima Touré-Tillery, Brian Uzzi and Adam Waytz

June 8, 2017


To Improve Fundraising, Give Donors a Local Connection

Research offers concrete strategies for appealing to donors who want to make an impact.

Researchers: Rima Touré-Tillery and Ayelet Fishbach

June 6, 2017


Take 5: Tips for Maintaining Your Self-Control During the Holidays

There’s a tendency to overdo it, but Kellogg researchers offer ways to stay disciplined.

Researchers: Miguel Brendl, Rima Touré-Tillery, Loran Nordgren and Kelly Goldsmith

December 2, 2016


Podcast: You Had Me at “Bleep Blorp”

How humans and robots are learning to trust each other.

Researchers: Adam Waytz, Rima Touré-Tillery, Brenna Argall and Todd Murphey

November 3, 2016


A 10:30 Cupcake? Don’t Mind If I Do

Both consumers and marketers can benefit from knowing when self-control is lowest.

Researchers: Rima Touré-Tillery and Ayelet Fishbach

April 4, 2016


How Much Do You Trust a Talking Raisin?

For some audiences, a “spokesthing” is more persuasive than a spokesperson.

Researchers: Rima Touré-Tillery and Ann L. McGill

January 4, 2016