Robert W. Livingston
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Robert W. Livingston

Member of the Department of Management & Organizations faculty until 2013

Do Black Women Have More or Less Freedom as Leaders?

Understanding the roles of race and gender

Researchers: Robert W. Livingston, Ashleigh Shelby Rosette and Ella F. Washington

February 2, 2012


Nice Guys Finish Last

Altruism may be rewarded with prestige, but seldom with leadership

Researchers: Nir Halevy, Eileen Chou, Taya Cohen and Robert W. Livingston

October 31, 2011


The Teddy Bear Effect

Does a babyface benefit black CEOs?

Researchers: Robert W. Livingston and Nicholas Pearce

Stacking the Deck Against Racism

A psychological explanation for impartiality

Researchers: Robert W. Livingston and Brian B. Drwecki

October 1, 2008