Robert W. Livingston
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Robert W. Livingston

Member of the Department of Management & Organizations faculty until 2013

Do Black Women Have More or Less Freedom as Leaders?

Understanding the roles of race and gender

Researchers: Robert W. Livingston, Ashleigh Shelby Rosette and Ella F. Washington

February 2, 2012


Nice Guys Finish Last

Altruism may be rewarded with prestige, but seldom with leadership

Researchers: Nir Halevy, Eileen Chou, Taya Cohen and Robert W. Livingston

October 31, 2011


The "Teddy Bear Effect" for Black CEOs

Black male CEOS are more successful when their facial features are perceived as less threatening.

Researchers: Robert W. Livingston and Nicholas Pearce

Stacking the Deck Against Racism

A psychological explanation for impartiality

Researchers: Robert W. Livingston and Brian B. Drwecki

October 1, 2008