Sally Blount
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Sally Blount

Michael L. Nemmers Professor of Strategy

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Take 5: How to Kickstart a Successful Career

Young professionals, smart decisions now will open doors for you in the future.

Researchers: Derek D. Rucker, Carter Cast, Sally Blount, William "Chip" Horn and Neal J. Roese

May 13, 2019


Launch Your Career on the Right Trajectory

How women can maximize the post-college decade.

Researchers: Sally Blount and Perry Yeatman

May 1, 2018


Getting More Women into the C-Suite Means Keeping Them in the Talent Pipeline

How to support women through three “pivot points” in their careers.

Researchers: Sally Blount

March 10, 2017


How the Wormhole Decade (2000–2010) Changed the World

Five implications no one can afford to ignore.

Researchers: Sally Blount

April 7, 2016


How Today’s Clergy Are Putting Their Faith in Management Training

Like CEOs, faith leaders face challenges running large organizations in a rapidly changing landscape.

Researchers: Nicholas Pearce, Liz Livingston Howard and Sally Blount

January 14, 2016