Therese McGuire
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Therese McGuire

ConAgra Foods Research Professorship in Strategic Management; Professor of Strategy

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The U.S. Economy Is Still Finding Its Footing. But States Are Doing Pretty Well.

Why California is thriving—and even Illinois is on the upswing.

Researchers: Therese McGuire

July 13, 2021


How to Shore Up State and Local Budgets during a Coronavirus Recession

State governments are responsible for implementing much of the social safety net. They’ll be looking to the federal government for extra help.

Researchers: Therese McGuire and Kim Rueben

March 25, 2020


Do High Local Taxes Really Hurt Economic Growth?

Corporate incentives and low tax rates are supposed to make a city more business-friendly. An economist explains why that’s often not the case.

Researchers: Therese McGuire

June 26, 2019


All Gain from Guaranteed Access to Key Goods and Services

A guaranteed minimum distribution system is optimal

Researchers: Xavier Calsamiglia, Teresa Garcia-Milà and Therese McGuire

April 3, 2013


Tax Incentives and the City

Are cities wise to use tax incentives to compete for companies?

Researchers: Therese McGuire and Teresa Garcia-Milà

June 6, 2007