Therese McGuire
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Therese McGuire

Conagra Foods Research Professorship in Strategic Management; Professor of Strategy

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5 Things You May Not Know about Tax Policy

How do income taxes impact people’s career choices? And do soda taxes actually work?

Researchers: Charles Nathanson, Anna Tuchman, Filippo Mezzanotti, Therese McGuire and Sergio Rebelo

March 14, 2022


The U.S. Economy Is Still Finding Its Footing. But States Are Doing Pretty Well.

Why California is thriving—and even Illinois is on the upswing.

Researchers: Therese McGuire

July 13, 2021


How to Shore Up State and Local Budgets during a Coronavirus Recession

State governments are responsible for implementing much of the social safety net. They’ll be looking to the federal government for extra help.

Researchers: Therese McGuire and Kim Rueben

March 25, 2020


Do High Local Taxes Really Hurt Economic Growth?

Corporate incentives and low tax rates are supposed to make a city more business-friendly. An economist explains why that’s often not the case.

Researchers: Therese McGuire

June 26, 2019


All Gain from Guaranteed Access to Key Goods and Services

A guaranteed minimum distribution system is optimal

Researchers: Xavier Calsamiglia, Teresa Garcia-Milà and Therese McGuire

April 3, 2013


Tax Incentives and the City

Are cities wise to use tax incentives to compete for companies?

Researchers: Therese McGuire and Teresa Garcia-Milà

June 6, 2007