Thomas Lys
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Thomas Lys

Eric L. Kohler Emeritus Chair in Accounting; Professor Emeritus of Accounting Information & Management

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Yes, Investors Care About Gender Diversity

By recruiting more women, tech and finance companies stand to add millions to their stock value.

Researchers: David Daniels, Jennifer Dannals, Thomas Lys and Margaret A. Neale

Take 5: How to Start Off Strong

Tips for plotting your first move, whether you’re negotiating a deal, paying off debt, or starting your workday.

Researchers: Carter Cast, Blakeley B. McShane, Thomas Lys, Leigh Thompson and Rima Touré-Tillery

January 3, 2020


Take 5: How Companies Benefit from Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is in vogue. And it can help a firm’s bottom line.

Researchers: Thomas Lys, James Naughton, Sunil Chopra, Dylan Minor, Alexander Chernev, Shannon Schuyler and Megan Kashner

March 1, 2018

Social Impact

Take 5: How to Nurture Your Work Relationships

Ways to improve negotiations and better manage conflict at the office.

Researchers: Jeanne M. Brett, Eli J Finkel, Thomas Lys, Leigh Thompson, Aparna Labroo and Martin Lariviere

February 7, 2017

Is Your Negotiation Strategy Wrong?

Six ways to get more of what you want.

Researchers: Margaret A. Neale and Thomas Lys

July 6, 2015


Pinpointing the Value in CSR

The unexpected link between CSR spending and financial performance.

Researchers: Thomas Lys, James Naughton and Clare Wang

March 4, 2013

Social Impact

Beneficial or Detrimental Legislation?

The pros and cons of Sarbanes-Oxley

Researchers: Daniel Cohen, Aiyesha Dey and Thomas Lys

November 1, 2009


Driven Offshore

An unintended consequence of Sarbanes-Oxley

Researchers: Peter Hostak, Emre Karaoglu, Thomas Lys and Yong Yang

June 1, 2009

Are Large CEO Severance Packages Justified?

The underlying factors of CEO severance

Researchers: Thomas Lys, Tjomme O. Rusticus and Ewa Sletten

September 1, 2007