Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University
Harry Kraemer

Wed, Jun 21

College Reunion Weekend

I had the opportunity this past weekend to attend my Lawrence University college reunion in Appleton, Wisconsin. It was a fantastic opportunity to spend time with classmates and professors that I had not seen in many years. It was a... More →

Cheap Talk

Sun, Jun 11

Model Up

Everyone who has armchair-theorized why movie theaters don’t sell assigned seats in advance is now obligated to explain why this has changed and how that’s consistent with their model. I will start.  My theory was based on the value of... More →

Cheap Talk

Thu, Jun 8

Comey and Other Skeletons

The anticlimax that is/will be the Comey testimony proves something I have always thought about skeletons in the closet. They should be released early when not everyone is paying attention. The premise is that outrage is something that needs to... More →

Cheap Talk

Wed, May 17

The Long Game

Watch for the key leading indicator of impending Presidential downfall:  the Vice President going silent.  We will reach a point where the VP’s objective switches from defending the President to preserving his own viability as President.  Right around that turning... More →

Cheap Talk

Tue, May 9

Health Insurance And Flood Insurance

This paper by Finkelstein, Hendren, and Shepard finds that the uninsured have such a low willingness to pay for health insurance that they wouldn’t even cover the costs they impose on insurers: But for our entire in-sample distribution – which spans... More →