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Fri, Jul 28

The Skinny

You are in a negotiation and you are offered X. You really want both X and Y but you have just been given the option to take X now and then continue negotiating for Y. In this story you are... More →

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Sat, Jul 22

The Marathon Game

A one player extensive-form game with perfect information.  The player’s name is Zeno. The game has an infinite horizon.  For every non-negative integer N there is a node at which Zeno chooses either to Continue or Quit.  If he Quits... More →

Code Red

Tue, Jul 18

The Anthem-Cigna Merger

This blog was written by David Dranove, who served as the Department of Justice expert economist in this matter.  Dranove’s opinions do not necessarily reflect those of Craig Garthwaite or the DOJ. Introduction On May 12, 2017, Anthem Inc. announced... More →

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Tue, Jul 11

How Junior Got Played

On Saturday The New York Times published the story that Donald Trump Jr together with Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner met in Trump Tower with a Russian Lawyer.  That was basically the entire content of the story in terms of new... More →

Harry Kraemer

Wed, Jun 21

College Reunion Weekend

I had the opportunity this past weekend to attend my Lawrence University college reunion in Appleton, Wisconsin. It was a fantastic opportunity to spend time with classmates and professors that I had not seen in many years. It was a... More →

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Sun, Jun 11

Model Up

Everyone who has armchair-theorized why movie theaters don’t sell assigned seats in advance is now obligated to explain why this has changed and how that’s consistent with their model. I will start.  My theory was based on the value of... More →

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Thu, Jun 8

Comey and Other Skeletons

The anticlimax that is/will be the Comey testimony proves something I have always thought about skeletons in the closet. They should be released early when not everyone is paying attention. The premise is that outrage is something that needs to... More →

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Wed, May 17

The Long Game

Watch for the key leading indicator of impending Presidential downfall:  the Vice President going silent.  We will reach a point where the VP’s objective switches from defending the President to preserving his own viability as President.  Right around that turning... More →