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Fri, May 20

Can Neuroscientists Read Our Dreams?

In a recent TED Talk, Kellogg's Moran Cerf explains what the latest studies in neuroscience can tell us about our own dreams.Some of these studies address the possibility of being able to read dreams. In one study, for instance, participants... More →

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Mon, Dec 21

The Dolls Have Ears—and Algorithms

Toys loaded with the latest machine-learning capabilities undoubtedly made it onto 2015 holiday wish lists. Offerings like Hello Barbie, CogniToys Dino, and Miposaur provide an opportunity to reflect on recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI)—as well as a few challenges.What... More →

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Fri, Oct 16

The Myth of the Perfect Tweet

In many ways, digital media have revolutionized marketing communications. Consumer insights—previously restricted to focus groups—can now be gleaned from social media, and the relationship between brands and customers is more fluid than ever. In this landscape, it is easy to... More →

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Thu, Sep 24

Your Questions Answered: How to Deal with a Bad Boss

Have you ever had a bad boss? Someone who undermined his team or sabotaged her top-performing employees?Kellogg School professor Jon Maner studies power-hungry bad bosses. Last month we solicited questions from Kellogg Insight readers via social media. Maner’s answers to... More →

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Thu, Aug 27

Is the Chinese Stock Market Rigged?

It has been a tumultuous summer for the Chinese stock market. After a months-long boom, share prices tumbled in late June, causing the leadership in Beijing to take action. In addition to new regulations—such as a ban on short selling—and... More →

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Mon, Jul 13

Why Leaders Should Think Like Economists

In strategy, there is always demand for universal frameworks. Business leaders—whether they sell ice cream or microchips—are often tempted by blueprints promising growth in any circumstance. But while certain principles may apply no matter what the industry, the elegance of... More →

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Fri, Jul 10

What Will the T.P.P. Accomplish?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership—an ambitious trade agreement reached in October 2015 among the United States and eleven Pacific Rim nations including Mexico and Canada—has been a source of controversy across the U.S. political landscape. Detractors argue it threatens American jobs and... More →

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Mon, Jun 29

Getting the Most from Online Reviews

In the age of Yelp, Twitter, and Facebook, few companies can avoid dealing with online customer feedback. A one-star boost can translate into dramatically higher revenue; at the same time, a single tweet of discontent could become a public relations... More →

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Tue, Jun 16

Beyond the Viral Video

Crowdfunding sites like Crowdrise or Indiegogo allow nonprofits to reach beyond their traditional donor base, helping them promote causes faster and cheaper than ever before. Still, crowdfunding is not a magic cure for budgetary woes. According to Liz Howard, a... More →

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Mon, Jun 8

Could FIFA Lose the World Cup?

The news of alleged corruption at FIFA, soccer’s world governing body, has lead to speculation about the future of the organization and its signature event, the World Cup. The resignation of Sepp Blatter, FIFA’s newly reelected president, and the indictment... More →

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Wed, Jun 3

Drawing the Link Between Money and Political Polarization

In the last decade, two trends have received a great deal of press: income inequality and political polarization. The first of these has been well established by scholars like Thomas Piketty, author of the best seller Capital in the Twenty-First... More →

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Mon, Jun 1

The Good Merger

When two healthcare companies merge, it is often assumed (or publicly touted) that the marriage will generate measurably better outcomes or lower overall costs. But “the harsh reality is that it is difficult to find well-documented examples” of such results... More →

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Thu, May 28

Life Is Full of Big Games

From optimizing our daily commute to choosing whether or not to purchase Apple’s latest gadget, our lives are filled with instances of strategic decision making. And while most of us are vaguely aware of the larger systems at work (the... More →

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Wed, May 13

The Hazards of Workplace Anxiety

From performance reviews to presentations to office politics, the modern workplace is rife with situations that trigger anxiety. And while anxiety is not always a bad thing—it motivates people to pursue their goals, and it keeps employees on task—too much... More →

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Tue, Apr 28

Navigating the Multigenerational Workplace

Today’s workforce is more generationally diverse than ever before. With more professionals delaying retirement—either by choice or necessity—companies now have employees from as many as four different generations working side by side. Soon, for the first time in history, a... More →

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Fri, Apr 17

Growth Is at the Edges

The recent global recession had a lasting effect on consumer behavior. As middle-class workers felt the squeeze, they “traded down” on everything from food to clothes to pharmaceuticals, setting in motion a vicious cycle that polarized the economy. High-skilled jobs... More →

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Wed, Apr 15

Write Your Own Script

The research on unequal pay is clear. Women who graduate from elite MBA programs earn 93 cents on the dollar compared to their identically educated male colleagues, and they stand to miss out on hundreds of thousands of dollars over... More →