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Wed, Jul 2

Winners Keep Score

As Insight recently reported, research by Efraim Benmelech and Carola Frydman finds that in the right context, a military background can serve a CEO and a company well. But what about the flipside of that coin? How can business leadership... More →

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Tue, Dec 10

Morocco’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

“Morocco is a country that would be described as an emerging market, even a frontier market,” says Russell Walker, a clinical associate professor of managerial economics and decision sciences at the Kellogg School. The nation’s GDP is relatively low—approximately $3,30... More →

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Thu, Nov 14

The Last Airline Merger Goes Through: No News Here

It’s now down to four. With the merger between American Airlines and USAir now approved by the Department of Justice, just four airlines—American, Delta, United and Southwest—will account for over 80% of the domestic airline industry.The merger—which follows mergers between... More →

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Fri, Sep 6

Does Government Aid Raise Tuition? Not So Fast

Formulated by former Secretary of Education (and now conservative commentator) William Bennett, the Bennett hypothesis holds that increases in student aid by the government (e.g., Pell grants) have the counterintuitive effect of increasing tuition.The basis of the Bennett hypothesis is... More →

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Thu, Jun 20

China: A Matter of Trust

In early 2013, ten Kellogg School faculty members visited companies in China and met with executives from both local and multinational companies. The following roundtable discussion is part three in a series of four (read parts one and two). Our... More →

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Mon, Apr 8

Facebook’s Accounting Ruse with RSUs

Deep in the footnotes of Facebook’s financial statements, where few casual investors dare to tread, Anup Srivastava, an assistant professor of accounting information and management at the Kellogg School, has found some perfectly legal—yet to his mind troublingly inscrutable—accounting maneuvers.Some... More →

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Mon, Jan 7

The End of Strategy? Our Faculty Discusses

Oh the irony! First introduced in 1979, Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter’s Five Forces analysis of competitiveness has continued to make its mark. The forces—which include the bargaining power of suppliers, the bargaining power of customers, the threat... More →

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Tue, Oct 23

Can Focus Groups Kill Innovation?

Gianfranco Zaccai, the designer of the Swiffer, in FastCompany:Focus groups aren’t useless. They can be insightful for fine-tuning something for the short term. But true innovation is about more than just incremental improvement, it’s about revolutionizing a product or a... More →

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Sun, Oct 21

Chocolate and Nobel Prizes

From an article in the New England Journal of Medicine:Chocolate consumption enhances cognitive function, which is a sine qua non for winning the Nobel Prize, and it closely correlates with the number of Nobel laureates in each country. It remains... More →

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Wed, Oct 17

A Prize for Priceless Markets

Left: Lloyd Shapley (left) and Ehud Kalai, ca. 2004 (Photo courtesy of Ehud Kalai). Right: Alvin Roth during the 2010 Nancy L. Schwartz Memorial Lecture (Photo © Nathan Mandell).Lloyd Shapley and Alvin Roth were awarded the 2012 Nobel Prize in... More →

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Fri, Sep 28

Reading list: Blank checks and the marketing ideal

Over the last two months, some of our marketing faculty has published thought provoking articles in the Sloan Management Review and in strategy + business.Most recently, Kellogg School Professors of Marketing Philip Kotler and Bobby Calder coauthored an article in... More →

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Fri, Aug 17

Facebook stock sinks closer to predicted valuation

In early February, when Facebook's IPO seemed imminent, Anup Srivastava, an assistant professor of accounting information and management, put together an interactive valuation tool that let people explore how tweaking different projections would affect the stock's valuation. Built into that... More →

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Wed, Aug 8

India’s blackout

Last week's massive blackout in India put the spotlight on one of the country’s open secrets—its infrastructure is antiquated and crumbling. Over 600 million people in India were without power for days—that’s nearly 1 in 10 people on the planet.“The... More →

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Tue, Jul 17

Is the Web driving us mad?

Tony Dokoupil, writing for the Daily Beast:But this past March Russell struggled to turn off anything. He forwarded a link to “Kony 2012,” his deeply personal Web documentary about the African warlord Joseph Kony. The idea was to use social... More →

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Thu, Jul 12

As rivals outsource, Lenovo keeps production in house

Loretta Chao, reporting for the Wall Street journalThe factory, which assembles desktop computers and servers, resembles thousands of others across China. Robotic arms are in constant motion, moving parts and pieces around. Rows of workers clad in blue pop parts... More →

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Wed, Jul 11

US manufacturing’s slow resurgence

Kimberly Pohl, writing for the Daily Herald and interviewing our own Gad Allon:“Firms now realize it’s not only about finding the cheapest location, but the cost from the moment of production to delivering it to the customer,” Allon said. “In... More →

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Mon, Jun 25

Ten imperiled brands

24/7 Wall Street profiles ten brands they think will disappear in 2013. A few predictable choices along with a few surprises.Via professor of marketing Neal Roese. More →

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Wed, Jun 20

Ins and outs of health insurance exchanges

The Supreme Court is expected to rule later this month on a central part of the Affordable Care Act, the individual mandate that would require everyone to purchase health insurance. While the individual mandate is important, health insurance exchanges are... More →

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Tue, Jun 19

Microsoft’s strategic shift

Farhad Manjoo, writing about Microsoft's new tablets for Slate:For the first time in its history, Microsoft is taking PC hardware as seriously as it does software. The software giant is coming around to a maxim that archrival Steve Jobs always... More →

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Mon, Jun 11

Michael Lewis on intellectual passion

Michael Lewis, contributing editor at Vanity Fair and author of Moneyball, among other books, speaking at Princeton's commencement:I did what everyone does who has no idea what to do with themselves: I went to graduate school. I wrote at nights... More →

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Fri, Jun 8

The future of patent litigation

Nothing came of the much-hyped Apple-Samsung negotiations. Not that anyone really thought much would come of them. Samsung had the most to gain by settling, and Apple is famously protective of its intellectual property. A settlement would have been a... More →

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Wed, Jun 6

Could Facebook become the New Coke?

Associate professor of marketing Alex Chernev, writing in Business Week:Both have a global customer base nearing a billion customers. Both have become personally relevant to these customers. And, at some point, both have faced crises of public confidence. More →

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Mon, May 21

Facebook’s second day on the market

Day 2 of trading for Facebook’s newly minted stock is over, and things didn’t improve quite as people had hoped. Shares of the hyped offering were down nearly $4 from the IPO price of $38, prompting complaints that Morgan Stanley... More →

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Thu, May 17

Culture a hurdle in Apple-Samsung negotiations

The sheer size of patent war between Apple and Samsung won’t be the only hurdle to overcome when negotiations between the two parties begin on May 21. The firms have very different cultures—not just at the corporate scale, but culture... More →

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Wed, May 16

GM bails on Facebook advertising

Sharon Terlep, Suzanne Vranica and Shayndi Raice, reporting for the Wall Street Journal:General Motors Co. plans to stop advertising with Facebook Inc. after deciding that paid ads on the site have little impact on consumers' car purchases, according to a... More →

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Wed, May 9

Geographically Correct: State of the Internet in 2011

Think your Internet connection is slow? Or ever wonder which country is hogging the most the IP addresses? Akamai—which offers services to speeds the delivery of subscribing sites—released a nifty map-based visualization of a handful of Internet-related statistics along with... More →

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Mon, May 7

The Newsonomics of Pricing 101

Ken Doctor, writing for Wired Opinion:The pay-for-digital content revolution is now fully upon us. Five years ago, only the music business had seen much rationalization, with Apple’s iTunes having bulled ahead with its new 99-cent order. Now, movies, TV shows... More →

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Thu, May 3

JOBS Act provisions concern accountants

When the JOBS Act was passed last month, it contained a provision that was largely overlooked. Companies are now allowed to submit confidential drafts of their IPO documents to the SEC. That sounds innocuous enough, but if you remember what... More →