2016 Kellogg on Growth
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2016 Kellogg on Growth

The 2016 Kellogg on Growth Forum is a two-day, immersive experience focused on creating and sustaining growth in today’s business landscape. We hope you enjoy this sampling of research and viewpoint pieces featuring many of the faculty who will be presenting. For more information about attending the conference itself, visit the Kellogg on Growth Forum website.

Use your competitive advantage to grow your business.

Four Steps to Strategically Grow Your Business

Look beyond the usual suspects to identify your company’s next market.

Neuroscience reveals how to make fear appeals more effective.

Can Neuroscience Make Your Message Stickier?

A cutting edge technique pinpoints how our brains react to fear appeals in marketing.

Ownership of a professor's intellectual property shifts to the university.

What Happens to Innovation When the Financial Incentives Change?

There are ways to split the pie that encourage innovation.

Pin down the components of trust.

Cultivating Trust Is Critical—and Surprisingly Complex

Don’t rely on intuition for something this important.


Is It Really Lonely at the Top?

The surprising links between feeling powerful and feeling connected.

Engagement marketing means asking how to help your customers.

5 Ways to Authentically Engage Your Customers

To improve your customer engagement strategies, “Ask not how you can sell, but how you can help.”

Measuring the success of a digital advertising campaign.
Data Analytics

Is Your Digital-Advertising Campaign Working?

If you are not running a randomized controlled experiment, you probably don’t know.