Focus on Elections
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Focus on Elections

As the 2016 U.S. presidential race enters its final phase, voters are contemplating the broader political landscape and examining their stances on key issues.

Here is a collection of faculty research and insights related to popular election topics, such as candidate endorsements, political advertising, forming political opinions, and more.

A candidate speaks into a microphone at a political event.
Politics & Elections

Podcast: Does What Candidates Say Matter?

Understanding political rhetoric in this heated presidential race.

Politics & Elections

The Oprah Effect

Celebrity endorsement of political candidates can make a difference at the polls.

If the Electoral College was abolished, voters would see different political ads
Politics & Elections

Abandoning the Electoral College Would Remake Campaign Spending

A direct-vote system could have a sizeable impact on the behaviors of voters and candidates.

Political ads on TV attempt to influence a viewer.
Politics & Elections

To Rally Your Base, Buy Air Time

How political advertising is a zero-sum game.

Is democracy the best form of government?

Which Government Is Best?

Democracies may not outlast dictatorships, but they adapt better.

Hand places vote in box
Politics & Elections

First Among Equals?

Prime ballot position improves a candidate’s chances of winning office.