Focus on Emerging Markets
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Focus on Emerging Markets

The 2016 Emerging Markets Conference will focus on "Rediscovering Sustained Growth,” and will feature more 30 prominent business leaders, academics and policy-makers from around the world. The conference highlights how four of the world's most dynamic regions are rekindling growth.

Read more insight from Kellogg faculty who will be participating in #KelloggEMC and register for the conference today.

Alternative methods for assessing credit worthiness are needed.
Finance & Accounting

Credit Where Credit Is Due

New ways of assessing credit worthiness could open up access to the global banking system.

Like yin yang, the Chinese consumer's psyche is all about finding a balance

What Chinese Consumers Want

Western Companies doing business in China need to ask the right questions.

As a mobile money platform, M-Changa fosters Kenya's culture of reciprocity and allows people to easily support the injured.

A Crowdfunding App that Pays the Bills

A startup in Kenya captures an underserved market.

To succeed, foreign aid and health programs need buy-in and coordination with local partners.
Social Impact

Communities Are Partners, Not Beneficiaries

Advice for getting global health projects off the ground.

Maintaining business relationships can be invaluable.

No Contract? No Problem

How the Kenyan flower industry thrives in the absence of formal contracts.