Kellogg Insight October 2017 Issue
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Kellogg Insight October 2017 Issue

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Investors bet on a new technology.
Finance & Accounting

Investors’ Fear of Missing Out on Disruptive Technology Leads to Overvalued Stocks

“Think of it like health insurance” for your portfolio.

Business leaders assess risk in decision making.

When Should Leaders Own a Decision and When Should They Delegate?

Here are four questions to consider to become a more efficient decision-maker.

Tax policy analysts study options.

Analyzing the Trump Tax Plan

A former acting director of the Congressional Budget Office explains the impact on the deficit, corporate taxes, and pass-through income.

Being uncomfortably hot makes us less likely to help.

Is It Too Hot to Help Out?

Why the thermostat may be the key to better customer service.

A customer uses a prescription drug copay coupon.

Prescription Drug Coupons Actually Increase Healthcare Spending by Billions

Consumers may love them, but coupons steer people away from inexpensive generics.

A consumer struggles with choice overload.

When Are Consumers Most Likely to Feel Overwhelmed by Their Options?

Research points to four predictors of “choice overload.”

Business leaders learn how to tell a great story.

Take 5: How to Tell a Great Story

Storytelling is a key business skill. Here’s how to make your narratives more persuasive.

Friend and business connections require outreach.

Podcast: How to Maintain Your Social and Professional Connections

Plus, sending a regular “letter to the boss” can help you when you need it most.