Kellogg on Family Business
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Kellogg on Family Business

Family enterprises throughout the world are transitioning to a new generation of leaders. More than ever, the success and continuity of these enterprises depend on the effectiveness of those at the top. This collection of articles examines the ways family businesses are unique—and how strong leadership can keep those businesses vital for future generations.

A family business tries to innovate across generations.

What It Takes for a Family Business to Innovate

The key is balancing a C-Suite skill set with an “F-Suite” mindset.

A leader uses social-emotional intelligence to stay calm in the midst of conflict

Why Leaders Should Nurture Their Social–Emotional Intelligence

These four skills can diffuse conflict, particularly within family businesses.

three generations of a family business

How a Family Business Can Capitalize on Its Unique Culture

You need a different playbook when the CEO is your sister.


All in the Family

Grantmaking of family and non-family foundations differ in predictable ways


Is Constant Reinvention the Key to Success?

An interview with Lloyd Shefsky about Invent, Reinvent, Thrive.