Kellogg on Financial Innovation
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Kellogg on Financial Innovation

The Kellogg FinTech Conference will feature many of The Kellogg School's distinguished faculty presenting on topics vital to business leaders, researchers and policymakers. Here is a collection of Kellogg faculty research and expertise on the subject.

As a mobile money platform, M-Changa fosters Kenya's culture of reciprocity and allows people to easily support the injured.

A Crowdfunding App that Pays the Bills

A startup in Kenya captures an underserved market.

Banks May Soon Use Our Facebook Friends to Assess Our Creditworthiness. Should We Worry?

Five things to keep in mind when considering how companies use social media data.

Alternative methods for assessing credit worthiness are needed.
Finance & Accounting

Credit Where Credit Is Due

New ways of assessing credit worthiness could open up access to the global banking system.

Can we keep our Internet behavior private?

Is Reading Someone’s Emails Like Entering Their Home?

How conceptions of privacy change over time and how analogies pave the way.