MBA Students: A Roadmap for Personal and Professional Development
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MBA Students: A Roadmap for Personal and Professional Development

Kellogg’s world-renowned faculty share their newest research about optimizing your personal growth, as well as tips from their experience being on the front lines in corporations.

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An artist has a hot streak in her career.

When You’re Hot, You’re Hot: Career Successes Come in Clusters

Bursts of brilliance happen for almost everyone. Explore the “hot streaks” of thousands of directors, artists and scientists in our graphic.

How to be prepared

4 Key Steps to Preparing for a Business Presentation

Don’t let a lack of prep work sabotage your great ideas.

people engage in conflict with swords

Podcast: Our Most Popular Advice on Improving Relationships with Colleagues

Coworkers can make us crazy. Here’s how to handle tough situations.

Business leaders learn how to tell a great story.

Take 5: How to Tell a Great Story

Storytelling is a key business skill. Here’s how to make your narratives more persuasive.


Podcast: How to Avoid Five Common Career Pitfalls

Plus, a study shows an upside for companies that hire ex-offenders.

Friend and business connections require outreach.

Podcast: How to Maintain Your Social and Professional Connections

Plus, sending a regular “letter to the boss” can help you when you need it most.

illustration of a woman wearing a backpack leaving office cubicle with map unfolded.

A DIY Guide to Career Growth

Eight ways to develop your potential—instead of waiting for your manager to take the lead.

An overworked employee covered in postit notes.

Stop Flailing and Start Delivering

Here’s how to gain clarity and focus when your tendency is to overcommit.

Woman shoots arrow

Launch Your Career on the Right Trajectory

How women can maximize the post-college decade.

A woman gives a man feedback

Podcast: Give Better Feedback

An expert on marriage and a former executive offer advice on giving and receiving constructive criticism.

A woman on a street talks through a large megaphone.

How (Not) to Change Someone’s Mind

Psychologists have found two persuasion tactics that work. But put them together and the magic is lost.

An employee leads by jumping from the bleachers and joining the action.

Don’t Wait to Be Asked: Lead

A roadmap for increasing your influence at work.

A business leader communicates complex ideas to a circle of employees.

Six Tools for Communicating Complex Ideas

Business leaders need to know how to make their information stick.

A woman draws herself in a mirror.

How to Feel Authentic While Building Your Personal Brand

Get beyond clichés like “adaptable” or “self-starter,” and learn to tell meaningful stories about yourself.

mentor and protege discuss careers

5 Ways to Get the Most out of a Mentor–Protégé Relationship

Protégés, it’s not just about landing your next job—and mentors, there’s plenty of benefits for you, too.