Recipes for Entrepreneurial Success
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Recipes for Entrepreneurial Success

We are pleased to share the following collection of articles from Kellogg faculty who specialize in research on spurring innovation and entrepreneurship. Our thought leaders and practitioners share proven strategies and qualities of successful entrepreneurs in this collection prepared especially for Kellogg donors, offering insights on intellectual property, accessing capital, angel investors, and more.

Angel investor flies in with funds for entrepreneur
Finance & Accounting

Should Local Governments Be Offering Tax Credits to Angel Investors?

New research casts doubt on whether these incentives actually spur innovation and economic growth.

Black entrepreneurs enter a bank lobby
Social Impact

Black-Owned Businesses Often Struggle to Access Capital. Here’s How Financial Institutions Can Change That.

Banks and investors need to redefine creditworthiness, diversify their boards, and think more about social returns.

entrepreneurs develop brand personality and logo

Entrepreneurs, Don’t Let Branding Become an Afterthought

Start defining your brand strategy on day one. Your future self will thank you.

An entrepreneur perfects her invention.

Sure, Industry Outsiders Can Bring Fresh Ideas. But Are They Better Entrepreneurs?

New insights from a definitive study on what successful startup founders have in common.

Entrepreneurs show ideas to an investor.

4 Qualities Venture Capitalists Look for in an Entrepreneur

A serial investor explains why you need more than just a cool idea.

An entrepreneur sketches her new business.

Three Questions All Aspiring Entrepreneurs Should Ask Themselves

Running your own business isn’t for everyone. Here is how to tell if it is right for you.

successful entrepreneurs are most often middle aged

How Old Are Successful Tech Entrepreneurs?

A definitive new study dispels the myth of the Silicon Valley wunderkind.

Ideas are valuable assets for entrepreneurs and startups, so it is critical they get intellectual property protection.

Waiting to Protect Intellectual Property Could Doom Your Startup

Patent attorneys offer four tips for entrepreneurs on safeguarding ideas from the get-go.