Special Collection: Kellogg Leadership Circle
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Special Collection: Kellogg Leadership Circle

In the following curated collection, Kellogg faculty share their latest research and insights into topics such AI, healthcare, leadership, entrepreneurship, and more. We hope they inspire you in your own life-long education as a #KelloggLeader.

This collection is sent exclusively to Kellogg Leadership circle members.

person removes mask to show less happy face

Leaders, Don’t Be Afraid to Admit Your Flaws

We prefer to work for people who can make themselves vulnerable, a new study finds. But there are limits.

person putting head down on desk, writing, looking stressed out.

Don’t Panic! Tools for Dialing Down Workplace Stress

Beyond taking a personal toll, stress can reduce productivity. Here’s what managers can do.

CEO cheering on team with pom-poms

How to Manage a Disengaged Employee—and Get Them Excited about Work Again

Don’t give up on checked-out team members. Try these strategies instead.

woman crossing rope bridge

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Delivering Negative Feedback

First, understand the purpose of the conversation, which is trickier than it sounds.

robot waiter serves couple in restaurant

2 Factors Will Determine How Much AI Transforms Our Economy

They’ll also dictate how workers stand to fare.

doctors offices in small nodules

Will AI Eventually Replace Doctors?

Maybe not entirely. But the doctor–patient relationship is likely to change dramatically.

group of employees in bustling office with guard standing next to light bulb in case
Finance & Accounting

Want to Find the Next Big Company? IP Offers a Clue.

A company’s early efforts to protect its intellectual property are a good signal that it intends to grow—one of many lessons from a wide-ranging investigation of U.S. IP practices.

entrepreneurs pitch to venture capitalists for funding

Take 5: How to Sell Your Startup from the Start

Advice from our experts on pitching your idea—and yourself.