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Great Recession

China's expanded monetary policy after the Great Recession helped support less productive companies.

China Weathered the Global Recession with an Aggressive Stimulus Package. But Did It Prop Up the Wrong Firms?

A cautionary tale about the unintended consequences of credit expansion.

A job hunter googles job information.

What Google Is Teaching Economists About Unemployment Insurance

Search data can tell policymakers whether extending unemployment benefits delays job-seeking.

a family adds assets to its house
Finance & Accounting

Take 5: How Do Households Manage Fluctuating Finances?

Plus, how policymakers can help them manage better.

Does private equity backing make firms stronger or weaker?
Finance & Accounting

Private Equity Helped Firms Weather the Great Recession

A new study shows that debt isn’t always a liability during a financial crisis.

a family adds assets to its house

Measuring the Impact of Dodd–Frank on Household Leverage

The regulation’s attempt to prevent people from taking on mortgages they can’t repay may not work as intended.

A homeowner uses the value of their home to buy things.
Finance & Accounting

Why Are We So Quick to Borrow When the Value of Our Home Rises?

The reason isn’t as simple as just feeling wealthier.

Countering the effects of launching a startup in a recession.

Businesses Born in a Recession Tend to Start Smaller and Stay Smaller

Yet there are ways business owners can counter these long-term effects.

Liquidity kept auto purchases flowing via captive lessors.
Finance & Accounting

Why Did Car Sales Drop So Dramatically During the Financial Crisis?

Even willing buyers were affected by a credit freeze.

What went wrong during the AIG financial crisis?
Finance & Accounting

What Went Wrong at AIG?

Unpacking the insurance giant’s collapse during the 2008 financial crisis.

Finance & Accounting

Is Your Household Liquid Enough?

Ample cash reserves aid households when faced with the unexpected.

Unemployment Insurance helps people save their houses

The Hidden Benefits of Unemployment Insurance

A pioneering study reveals that the benefits of unemployment insurance include reductions in mortgage defaults and improved access to credit.

The world wonders what caused the great recession.
Finance & Accounting

What Really Spurred the Great Recession?

Globalization and the U.S. dollar are as much to blame as banks.

Finance & Accounting

Debt Markets During the Crisis

Failure to see the big picture led to a breakdown