The Insightful Leader Live: How to Supercharge Your Company's DEI Efforts
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The Insightful Leader Live

A series of live, virtual events providing an hour of critical leadership and business insights from a Kellogg professor.

Archived Webinar Wednesday, May 25, 2022

The Insightful Leader Live: How to Supercharge Your Company’s DEI Efforts

In this complimentary webinar, award-winning professor Nicholas Pearce will offer his perspective on how individuals and organizations can push through apathy, frustration, and trepidation to create meaningful, sustainable change.

Dr. Nicholas Pearce is an award-winning clinical professor of management and organizations at Kellogg; the founder and chief executive officer of The Vocati Group, a boutique global management consulting firm; and assistant pastor of Chicago’s historic Apostolic Church of God. He is the author of the bestselling book The Purpose Path: A Guide to Pursuing Your Authentic Life’s Work and was recently honored with The Aspen Institute’s Ideas Worth Teaching Award.

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